We are a collective of women photographers and storytellers that develop projects about human rights, indentity and territory. We narrate through photography boosted by other artistic disciplines. We are a symbiosis of women’s voices brought together to diversify the way we tell stories in our own region through a solutions based narration promoting change

We are a collective of women
storytellers united by Latin America.


The Nature That Inhabits Us

La naturaleza que nos habita

Through the intersection of health and the environment, our project highlights both the issues leading up to and potential future solutions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

A través de la intersección de la salud y el medio ambiente, nuestro proyecto destaca tanto los problemas que conducen a las posibles soluciones futuras como resultado de la pandemia de COVID-19.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought human life around the world to a screeching halt, nature has reveled and thrived in our absence, providing a rare glimpse into the efficacy of measures that can be taken to curb our negative impact on the planet.

The origin of the coronavirus has proven once again that environmental destruction reduces biodiversity, which in turn reduces regulation of diseases.

Photo by
Sarah Pabst

According to the United Nations Environment Programme, an estimated 75% of all emerging infectious diseases come to us via animals.

This unprecedented time in our collective history shows that humans are undeniably interrelated with nature and that a human populace in balance depends on a planet in balance.

As cities re-open, travel restrictions are eased, and COVID-19 cases decrease worldwide, we’re at a crucial crossroads on our path forward.

Photo by
Karla Gachet

If we do not take these lessons with us into the future, society is at grave risk of repeating the same mistakes that led us to a global pandemic in the first place.

Compounded with climate change, our continued reckless behaviour and excessive use of resources could lead to our own extinction.

As a collective of eight women photographers, our project explores the problems leading up to the pandemic, such as environmental deterioration, destruction, and exploitation as well as overpopulation, pollution, and detachment from nature.

While most of our stories hail from Latin America—one of the world’s most biodiverse regions—our stories extend beyond this region, ensuring a global perspective.

Si bien la mayoría de nuestras historias provienen de América Latina, una de las regiones con mayor biodiversidad del mundo, nuestras historias se extienden más allá de esta región, lo que garantiza una perspectiva global.

Ayün - Team

We are a collective of women storytellers united by Latin America.

Somos un colectivo de mujeres storytellers unidas por Latinoamerica.